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December 19, 2005


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I want to purchase a winery web report online. Those are my needs, but your website doesn't fulfill those needs. That is about $495 that you aren't getting.

Your website says something about going "high tech" and having an order form online someday. Isn't it a bit ironic? You are, after all, selling reports on website performance.

I was also wondering if you have ever done any ad agency work for any of the top ten wineries...

Mike Duffy

I'm sorry that we can't presently accomodate your need to order online at The Winery Web Site Report web site (although we *do* give clear instructions on how you can order, which is the same point we make in the Report - it's not about e-commerce, but as you correctly point out, it *is* about satisfying your visitors - for which I apologize).

If you legitimately want to order a copy, please give us a call on our dime (toll-free 1-888-946-3799). I don't think that's completely unreasonable.

We have no ad agency affiliation. Michael E. Duffy & Associates is a strategic technology consulting group (of which I am the principal). We've never done any work for the winery Web sites in our Top Ten list (although I have shaken hands once with the owner of #10 Quivira, Henry Wendt).

As consultants, we're not in the e-commerce business, so I face the same problem as any small business in setting up a secure order page, and frankly, it's a desire to provide a really good experience that has delayed our ability to take orders online. I'm not satisfied with the offerings from 1shoppingcart.com or mcssl.com, even though it would be functional, and many small businesses use them. If that cost me your $495 order, then I am indeed being a foolish perfectionist.

Is there any reason you felt a need to be anonymous in your posting?


i gotta say you are half right about designing to the customer's need. the goal however of any web property is to provide a solution for two often differing needs, that of the consumer and that of the business.

This is really where the art and science of "agenda blending" comes into play. In working with my clients i map out both the customer need and the business goals and find the points of intersection and similarity. Assuring my clients are achieving tangible results from their web budgets and providing the best user experience for my client's customers are goals that are defined up front and continually monitored though out the life of the engagement.


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