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Paul Hehn

Gee, I only got 70 wpm on that test. I kept making the "mistake" of double-spacing after a period. The game is rigged.

Dossy Shiobara

The test is too short to be accurate.

I was able to clock in at 145 WPM (582 CPM) with 3 mistakes (yeah, I kept making the mistake of double-space after periods, too).

I normally clock in around 115-120 WPM tops when the test is long enough. With a short test like this, I bet I could hammer 180 WPM at peak.

Still, it's a fun use of client-side JS. Thinking of implementing Mavis Beacon for the Web? Rich internet application, text over virtual keyboard split screen, etc.? It's so do-able these days ...

Jimbo from Paris

pretty kewl

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